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Sarah's love for writing began to blossom in Middle School. She found the written word both appealing and magical, where she could lose herself for hours in a book. An early reader, she took to her first love, poetry, with youthful exuberance, and her fondness for the subject grew with the years. She started her early life in Pakefield, England before her family moved to Norwich. The youngest of eight children (five of those boys), she spent her childhood acting out her role as ‘Tomboy’ with expertise, and preferred playing football and cricket rather than playing with dolls. She still resides in Norwich with her husband, son and family cat. For a full bio, visit her author website:

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Are you waiting for a bolt of light, the next great thing to make your life better? Well. Jordan Scarlen isn’t. In fact. He likes his life. Captain of the football team… high-ranker in the gaming world… and friends he can rely on. Only… A freak power surg....
ISBN: 9781784074203
Published: 18 February 2014