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Reen Collett is a South African writer of children's stories and Young Adult/Teen novels. The historical novel, "NKETU: The Enigmatic King" a fictionalized biography of Moshoeshoe I, 19th Century founder of the Kingdom of Lesotho, and dedicated to Princes Harry of England and Seeiso of Lesotho, was shortlisted for JacanaMedia's Annual EU Award 2013. This has been her first published book. Prior to this, her articles were published in local magazines. Upcoming soon in Feedaread, will be her exciting Teen Mystery/Thriller THE SECRET CAVE, set in... South Africa 2090!...are you ready for that? She may be contacted by email:

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Passing through the Rashomon effect of musty tomes, scholarly biases and peculiar utterances by so-called authorities, this story navigates through controversial waters! And arrives at wonderful times in a wonderful land lived by charismatic characters. F....
ISBN: 9781784074791
Published: 5 March 2014