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An avid reader since before I can remember, I'm following in the footsteps of my mother, a gifted poet, and my older sister, Marian Smith, who's a far more talented writer and poet than I. Without her generous support, and that of my other sisters, my husband and daughter, I might have given up in disgust long ago. Having received a rejection letter from a well known publisher of romantic novels, I feel like a real writer at last! Ulterior Design was written over a twelve month period as a personal challenge to myself, The only real character in the novel is Bim, a funny little eccentric who rules our house, hearts and dog with a rod of iron. UD is dedicated to all my sisters, to Patrick, Kate and her family and anyone else who's not sure if they could ever write a novel.

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Pia and Kate are building a design business when an encounter with an international model turns everything upside down.Form London to the Middle East and rural France, Ulterior Design is a funny, feel good tribute to the value of lifelong friendship, loya....
ISBN: 9781908895974
Published: 10 February 2012