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I was born in Reigate, Surrey, just a few miles from Banstead, the reputed home town of the main protagonist in my latest novel. That fact and a passionate interest in the natural environment are probably the only things we have in common. After Grammar school in Reigate I did not go to university but instead joined a large insurance company, where I remained for twenty three years, ending up working as an analyst in a computer systems department. I had always wanted to write fiction, producing short stories from my late teens and my first novel at twenty one. Then in 1985, after a pile of rejection slips and one very near miss with a large literary agency, my third completed novel, THE SELF-DESTRUCTION SYNDROME, was published. A fast paced tale, set in the year 2040, of a world experiencing social and environmental collapse as a result of runaway pollution and population growth, it still reads quite well, although some of the technical details now look terribly dated. The usual treadmill of more novels, many submissions and an equal number of rejection slips followed. However, I was eventually able to devote my time entirely to writing, helped in part by a not particularly distinguished but certainly profitable appearance on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' Then in 2002 I had another short novel published by a small company in Scotland. This was entitled ECONOMIC VALUES and is the satirical story of a man who commits suicide virtually by accident, only to awake in an afterlife taken over by market forces. THE MAN WHO WAS NOT HIMSELF is my twelfth novel and my third to be published. It is an adventure and mystery in the form of a science fantasy, which can be read on a number of levels. Ostensibly a story about a totally alien time and place it is also very much about what is happening now. I do not think the intelligent reader will find it difficult to connect the references. However, I do believe very few will anticipate the surprise ending.

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John Adamson awakes in an alien environment with almost all his memories intact except how he got there. All he knows is that he now appears to be in a semi-medieval land where magic and wizards rule. A world of strange powers and great extremes, yet seem....
ISBN: 9781782996019
Published: 25 June 2013