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The untold story of the life of Caravaggio, his rise through Rome's high society, his triumphs and tribulations, his trial for murder and his tragic end. All this is told as witnessed in the journals of his lover.
ISBN: 9781785109669
Published: 16 July 2015
The life of Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio after the town of his birth, has previously been known to us only through the dates of his many court appearances and the recollections of his patrons. Now at last the true story can be told by the one ....
ISBN: 9781786102720
Published: 2 November 2015
With a small force of fifty thousand and a fleet of two hundred warships, Alexander lands in Asia at the fabled beach of ruined Troy.This is a tale of victory and tragedy, of friendship and a growing self-knowledge, as the young King of Macedon breaks two....
ISBN: 9781782996699
Published: 9 July 2013
Alexander is born into a world at war; Greece in turmoil, echoing the turmoil of his early years at Pella, the capital of his father's kingdom where his parents constantly war among themselves. He makes his first kill at the age of twelve, and tames the u....
ISBN: 9781782994848
Published: 29 May 2013
Why is the greatest painter of his age fleeing the Pope's decree? Why is he accused of murder? Why do his friends stand by him? Why does the Pope himself secretly want to pardon him if he will only return to Rome and repent? Why, in his short life, has he....
ISBN: 9781786976666
Published: 6 February 2017