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Dr. Funom Makama is a medical practitioner, a writer and a poet. Asides the four books he has published here, he is also an internet publisher of more than 1000 poems! He also has more than 1,500 published articles in his name in more than 7 different article directories and blogs. The Soul Talkers being his first ever published novel is an exceptional piece with a never aging story, keeping its readers at the edge of their seats from page one till the very last word. He has, with great ability harnessed his interest spanning across football, poetry, music and story telling into this perfect masterpiece. Biblical love psychology centers on the functionality of love in any/every relationship.How we can also show and exhibit the Agape Love and propagate it in our love relationships, be it with our spouses, relatives or friends. He will blow your mind away on how this love stays relevant in relation to God (who is love himself) and yet does not contradict the doctrine of the lake of fire, the trinity and the need for Jesus Christ to die. Furthermore, he went a step more to elaborate its significance in loving material things, animals, its role in the 21st century feminism and blasphemy. Are you still in doubt of how good this book is? Go ahead and get a copy for yourself. The Bastard citizen is an intense, intriguing and fast paced pulsating story which focuses on the present day typical Nigerian suburb, its challenges; circling around greed, corruption, gross survival instincts and the different manouvres and escape routes to poverty's pains; all accentuated as the main character, just called "the doctor" passes through these challenges to still stand on his feet to extend his helping hand of clinical practice to the community; but will he last? How patient can he be? The Devil's Orchid on the other hand has a similar "high-intensity" theme, but this time, surrounding the typical Nigerian society in general, which is full of strife, oppression, wickedness, envy, rivalry, discrimination, disloyalty and the quest to survive life so crude and as rough as a jungle. Make an attempt to see what Funom Makama's world of writing is and see yourself gladly staying put. His writing prowess will definitely keep you in awe.

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A fascinating psychology which is applicable to all. Its uniqueness is centered on its practical revelations and timeless applications of the information given here to all forms of love relationships, the keyword here being "LOVE". For this reason, this b....
ISBN: 9781782994008
Published: 19 December 2019
The bastard Citizen is a unique action-packed story and thriller that has evolved beyond its niche. This adrenaline-stimulator, from start to finish, focuses on the present day reality of the unbelievable challenges posed by a typical low-income Nigerian ....
ISBN: 9781839451362
Published: 30 December 2019
A dog-eat-dog society which is speedily decaying into its cruelest reality. A hell's twin town where human virtues fade away each passing day for instincts to take precedence. The only reason to live is to survive and the only way to survive is to develop....
ISBN: 9781839451393
Published: 30 December 2019
A very serious student and a poet (Larissa) who is caught up in events of loving a very disciplined and 'one of a kind' type of guy (Don). As a public figure, Don is faced with the challenge of having lots of admirers but definitely knows what he wants. H....
ISBN: 9781782993698
Published: 5 December 2019