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Hi, my name is John and I was born in Portsmouth in 1968. I currently work in the security alarm industry and it was seeing a few clients with their own published works that got me wondering what it was like to have your own written book on the shelf at home. I've always had a hankering to write a book and it was reading a detective story by an author of who I am now a huge fan that finally inspired me. I began with a vague idea of a storyline and this grew over time and eventually took on its own form. When they say a book writes itself at times they are not wrong. Finally after nearly 18 months of burning the midnight oil, stealing hours on days off, lunch hours and evenings on standby waiting for the phone to ring, all hunched over my laptop typing away, I finally had my first draft of Renatus, my first novel. Another 6 months of rewriting and editing (huge thanks to my wife Beccy who was able to spot loads of stuff) it was finally uploaded in january of 2013. A paperback link has followed and I now have my written work on my own bookshelf at home. The book has been slowly selling and although I would love it to be a success I am equally happy that it has reached a number of people and have thoroughly enjoyed the writing process. Renatus 2 is well under way and I hope to have it out by the end of 2013, fingers crossed.

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The double murder of a young man and woman with a message in blood at both scenes reawakens the memory of an identical case fifteen years earlier. Detective Superintendent Eddie Kilminster, a junior detective on the earlier case, now leads the present inv....
ISBN: 9781782993667
Published: 26 April 2013