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I'm a late comer to the published world, as a young grandfather and an imaginative writer I put pen to paper to give something to my offspring that will be eternal. I have been a writer from my first days at school. Always known as a quiet literary child, preferring a paperback indoors to a football outside, I kept my own solace through my school career. This paid well as an adult, as few men are openly poetic or expressive through the written word. My love of language has been my staff and shield through many troubling times and continues to be a good companion through current times.

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Sammy loves her family, her dolls and her friends, but most of all, she loves spending time talking to the statues in her grandfathers salvage yard. Each one has a story to tell, a heartbreak, a history or simply a tale of discovery. Join Sammy and her fa....
ISBN: 9781782994404
Published: 17 May 2013