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I was born in the north east of England, near Darlington. After living around England and Wales, I am now settled in Surrey. My fiction covers scifi and drama, with four books on the market on different sites. Planetfall: All Fall Down was my debut novel, a science fiction/cyberpunk conspiracy thriller. My second novel Backpackers follows a 20 year old Australian girl as she undergoes a breakdown in south east Asia. Ayla's Journey is a dark children's fantasy, and Dark Things is a collection of short stories and flash fiction of dystopian drama and science fiction. During the day I work in the housing sector on sustainability issues.

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Twenty-somethings behave badly on the backpacking trail of South East Asia. Through a cast of richly drawn characters, Cath Pearson is on the run. The further she runs from home, the closer she gets to a breakdown. Chasing her, across ten years of time th....
ISBN: 9781782994862
Published: 29 May 2013
When a scientist is killed at a remote colony, military intelligence are called in to investigate. The last thing investigating officer General Kate Leland expects to find is a plan to make humanity's first contact with an alien race. When Kate uncovers t....
ISBN: 9781782997139
Published: 22 July 2013