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Charlotte was born in Essex and has since lived in and around the area where she was born and raised. She attended schools in Essex and currently works as an IT specialist. Charlotte’s mother was a constant reader who had various poems published in women’s magazines under a pseudonym and even wrote a historical book of her own. Charlotte is the niece of Brian Lewis (her mother’s brother), who was a successful comedian and actor, appearing in Supergran and The Comedians. Charlotte’s mother encouraged Charlotte to begin reading from a very early age and the introduction of the read-along series “Story Teller” was where her passion for literature began, bringing out a deep thirst for stories and make believe of all kinds. Charlotte’s father had a love for penmanship and began teaching her to write as soon as she was able to learn. A driving instructor by trade, he also taught Charlotte to drive. Charlotte’s primary school teacher remarked one year that Charlotte had a reading age of ten years by the time she was six or seven. At around ten years of age, Charlotte wrote a poem called ‘The Mirror’ during a school competition, which was subsequently published in a poetry book. During secondary school, a love of English and poetry earned her some extra money writing poetry for her peers in Valentine cards and the like. . In 2009, Charlotte’s father was diagnosed as dying from form of cancer and it was during this period that Charlotte began writing her first novel. She discussed it many times with her father during his illness. Both Charlotte’s parents shared a common interest in the power of positive thinking and the mysterious things of the world and before his death in 2010, Charlotte’s father declared that ‘he did not know anyone who could be more capable of making it as an author, than she’. Charlotte attributes her ability to write to the amazing imagination she inherited from her father and the love of literature and the English language that her mother gifted her and a talent that seems to be genetic; Charlotte’s son also has also had a short story published whilst at school. Charlotte continues to be interested in the paranormal and mysterious. Her favourite films are The Green Mile, The Adjustment Bureau, ET and The Blind Side. Her favourite authors and writers are Manoj Shyamalan (professionally known as M. Night Shyamalan), John Grisham and Stephen King. Charlotte enjoys cookery, reading, researching, long walks and salsa dancing. Charlotte has an admirable competitive streak – a good game of Monopoly or rounders bringing this to the fore but values nothing quite as highly as her family and friends. Charlotte’s first novel, The Orchestrator is being released for publication in June 2013.

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Belief is the reason anyone ever achieved anything. Belief is that feeling that your actions are the right ones, even in the face of logical argument to the contrary or mounting opposition. The majority of that opposition comes from within, but you pursue....
ISBN: 9781782995807
Published: 21 June 2013