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My name's Keith Marshall. I'm retired now, in the past I've worked as a chef and taught professional cookery in a technical college. I have a Honours degree in Field biology and habitat management and a Master's degree in restoration ecology from the University of Liverpool. I have been interested in writing for some time now, I began writing travelogues to accompany my photographs taken during my travels round the world with my wife. One of my long-term interests has been natural history and at some stage I got interested in Orchids. I built a large greenhouse and continued to develop this interest over twenty odd years. During this time I had a book published on how to grow these wonderful plants. 'ORCHIDS - a guide to cultivation.' My interest now is fiction, particularly crime. My character is a guy called Rufus Tremayne, he's a detective inspector working in the northwest of England. The area where I was born and grew up. It is a coastal region, the city of Liverpool to the south, the city of Preston to the north and to our backs is the spine of England the Pennines. I have used the coast with it's sand dunes and the life of the city in my first novel - OUT OF THE DUNES' A second novel featuring the same characters begins with a scene on the wide sandy beach.

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When a body is found in the cellar of a house about to be demolished, to Tremayne's team it is another murder. The circumstances in which it is found create a very different and more sinister scenario - it is strapped to a gurney - execution style. The in....
ISBN: 9781786977816
Published: 27 April 2017
DCI Rufus Tremayne has two mysteries to solve - first is the recent murder of a man whose body was found in the sand dunes and second, why has he been given old newspaper cuttings about two other murder victims, whose bodies were also found in the sand du....
ISBN: 9781782998730
Published: 23 August 2013
Rufus Tremayne has an expensive yacht has been brought ashore on his beach - he should dismiss it as an accident at sea and move on one is on board. Maybe?Only Martin Wilcox thinks it's worth investigating after he finds a coded message hidden on board.Th....
ISBN: 9781785108921
Published: 23 June 2015