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Ellie Philpott grew up near the East Kent coast, and some of her earliest memories are of digging for shellfish along the shoreline and sailing with her father in his dinghy. Her working life began at the BBC’s Foreign Affairs Unit, followed by a spell at book publishers, Hodder & Stoughton. She then went on to edit and write for an interior design magazine, before spending five years as Communications Manager for an international human rights agency. Her work took her all over the world, interviewing and writing articles on people suffering religious persecution. She has now returned to her Kentish roots, and spends her time writing and as a public relations manager. Her ‘leisure’ hours are spent looking after the family’s bees, ducks, chickens and making cosmetics and soap from her own beeswax and honey.

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When Ozzie returned to her grandfather’s huge Art Deco house at Gull Cove, she began collecting people around her. The huge room at the top of the building was turned into studios for local artists and during weekends, the house played host to an endless ....
ISBN: 9781786101594
Published: 23 September 2015