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I was born in The Nilgiris, near Ooty in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. After schooling in Calicut, Kerala, I went to Calcutta and took my graduation from Calcutta University. A major part of my life was spent in Calcutta. Naturally Calcutta forms background for many of my short stories appeared in leading English Magazines / Newspapers. A collection of my short stories under the title The Curse and Other Tales was published by McGraw Publishing Inc., Texas, USA in 2000 under my pseudonym Vijay P.Nair. One of my short stories, "Bridging The Rainbow", can be found in The Writersnet Anthology of Prose (Fiction), edited by Gary D Kassler, published by Writers Club Press (October 2002), which is a collection of the best of the material submitted by writers across four continents, both pub-lished and unpublished. I am presently living in Cochin with my wife, Nirmala and our two sons, Sajiv and Ajit.

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In the erstwhile province of Malabar in the southern part of India people worshipped snakes and performed serpent dances to propitiate snake gods for boons – such as birth of a daughter. Native Kings ruled the land, and the law provided property rights on....
ISBN: 9781782995180
Published: 7 June 2013