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I am a loving Mum and wife who loves the countryside, my animals and the outdoor life. I had a traumatic past which was unfortunate. I am still dealing with the past but am hopefully moving forward all the time. It has also taught me a lot and I have gained insight through my psychology degree and through experience, time and support. I wrote my first book not knowing who would read it but always having a deep desire to tell my story. Through the many messages I have received I learnt with shock that child abuse is more widespread than I had ever imagined. It saddened me that so many survivors have had to battle through on their own and even to this day mental health issues are pushed aside and are not supported enough. I am passionate about helping other people and believe that survivors of trauma have an inner strength and deserve to be recognised for that strength. Through my writing I have been lucky enough to receive messages from other survivors of child abuse that have inspired and motivated me. I wish that these people could acknowledge and accept their own strength and see their past not as a negative, but as a positive, as they have been down in the darkest of places and not only have they climbed out to a better place, most of them have done it alone and in pain and have fought hard to become where they are today and for this I salute them and have the upper most respect.

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The Survival is a true reflection of over twenty years of therapy as a user of mental health services. The ambiguous care on a psychiatric ward is demonstrated as Lisa describes her struggles to come to terms with the abuse, and how painful the journey to....
ISBN: 9781784070786
Published: 20 October 2013