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hi, i write in several genre, those being SCI-FI, FANTASY AND THRILLERS. ALL ARE NOVELS AND I'VE WRITTEN TWENTY TO DATE. I have two on AMAZON and the one on I have written three novels with Marcus Cobb as the hero and will probably publish them on i value my readers and strive to write something that they will enjoy and hopefully buy more of my books. without readers, i am nothing. i write to please, my self first and then my readers. i am of the opinion that if i don't like what i write, then nobody else will. i have written for a long time, something i enjoy doing.

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My book is a Science fiction Adventure featuring an Earthman called marcus Cobb, Telepath and soldier who belongs to the United nations of Planets, these are under attack by a paracitic life form that forms a creche of these beings, once as a creche they ....
ISBN: 9781782995685
Published: 21 June 2013