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I've been working for the BBC and ITV for 36 years as a Film/VT editor, and I've been writing for nearly the same length of time. There have been many occasions during my work where I have been influenced by the amazing characters and situations that have appeared in the documentaries that I've worked on, and no matter how far fetched a fictional idea might appear to be, somewhere it reflects the truth.  The inspiration for my book comes from witnessing acts of procrastination, and a belief from some people that life owes them a living. The main protagonist, Simon DeCandle, lives a life of buffoonery that has scandalous and outrageous consequences.

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Simon DeCandle believes that life owes him a living, except he is addicted to avoidance. His girlfriend Marion has had enough of him, his mistress Lara dumps him, but he is captivated by the enigmatic Saliah. Following his heart and not his head, he becom....
ISBN: 9781786106711
Published: 21 January 2016