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Suzanne is a Novelist and freelance Technical Writer. Her home is in inner-city Sydney, Australia. Suzanne has five adult children and believes the family and long-term friends are life’s true riches. For many years, Suzanne was a management consultant, and worked on special assignments in London and Vietnam. She was also a part-time college and university teacher for two decades; specialising in business management, information technology and human resources management. Suzanne is a qualified eLearning facilitator and delivers online creative writing courses. Her favourite things are: her family, her work, writing, reading, gardening, preparing small dinner parties for special friends, and spending time with interesting people. Her favourite quote: Strive to live the ordinary life in an extraordinary way. Mentored by Denis Butler, the highly respected Australian journalist, Suzanne says she was fortunate to have the guidance of such a gifted writer; his support and encouragement gave her the confidence to trust her writing ability. Suzanne is a self-confessed Woody Allen tragic. She loves his work and believes he is a modern-day genius. VISIT SUZANNE'S WEBSITE:

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SYNOPSIS: Duncan Scott, a successful financial advisor, becomes a prime suspect when his business partner, Jake Collins, is murdered. Jake’s life passions had been women and gambling. When Jake’s debt rocketed to half a million dollars, the casino boss, D....
ISBN: 9781784071370
Published: 8 September 2014
Mix six priceless works of art, a missing dealer, some serious insurance fraud, then throw in a few smart investigators, and what do you get? A fast paced page turner that forces you to take notice. Billionaire, Sam Richards, had no trouble outbidding all....
ISBN: 9781784070397
Published: 27 August 2014
Daniel Jackson worked relentlessly to make his company, Weizmann Pharmaceuticals, one of the most influential in the world. With iron-man will he drove the international expansion programs and spearheaded the push for increased export markets. Weizmann’s ....
ISBN: 9781784071523
Published: 7 May 2015