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Australian born Nannette Holliday, a former Australian Government Communications Manager, has travelled extensively for work and pleasure. Now retired, and living mostly in France, she still travels the world, professionally house sitting from time to time. Her journeys, adventures and experiences of life and love, and of the people that cross her path, along with the joys, and sometimes, painful realities, are interwoven in to her books. Her first book THE STING OF FATE (the fairytale, but torrid love story), was released in hard cover in October 2010 and eBook in January 2011, winning the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for 'Adventure Romance' in Summer 2011. It was also officially listed in USA Best Books Awards for 2011 in two categories - Best New Fiction and Fiction: Romance. The sequel FATE’S REVENGE is due for release in 2012.

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Can a kiss change your fate? This is no ordinary love story, but a real story of survival, with dignity. It’s a passionate, captivating and painfully truthful modern tale of love and romance, highlighting the heroine’s resilience, inner strengths and pass....
ISBN: 9781908481184
Published: 23 January 2012