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I began my career in the Bilingual/Bicultural Curriculum Development Department of New York's City's Department of Education and then moved on to work in a simiar capacity on Native American reservations in Florida and Alaska. From there, I continued my work with development aid programmes in South America and Africa. I am the author of five books - three geared to an adult readership and two for young readers. 'Children Of The Far-Flung' is a memoir of my family's life in the South Bronx and our move back to Ireland in the 1960s. 'Winds The Road North' moves with my family to northern Tanzania where I worked as an Irish Aid worker, and 'The Limit of Words and Silence' is a novel based on the lives of three generations of of one family in northern Chile - from the 1920s up to and including the Pinochet regime. 'Spirits of Wood Wood Quay' and 'Wrecker's Cove' invite young readers into the riotous adventures a group of typical Dublin teenagers who step back in time to the days before Ipods and Iphones. Their adventures might be described as anything but typical. All of my stories are built around the people and the cultures I experienced and loved. My hope is that readers find themselves transported back to those peoples and those places - and that they can find some common cause and friendship with them.

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Do American Indians exist today or do they live only in the forgotten past? Swamp Babies - A Seminole Story is set on Big Cypress Reservation in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It tells the story of the Seminole Tribe through the eyes of three young non-I....
ISBN: 9781785108884
Published: 23 June 2015
In the year 1924, Colette Marchand, a young singer with the Folies Bergère of Paris, travels with her troupe to northern Chile, where they are booked to perform at a remote mining camp called Chacabuco. But when Colette falls in love with a young Agentine....
ISBN: 9781786102058
Published: 17 November 2016
Eight secondary school students from Dublin's inner city set off on their first ever school trip abroad. Their first year history teacher, Tom McDonagh, decides to take the boys to Cornwall over the annual Halloween break. But his proposed fun-filled lear....
ISBN: 9781784070816
Published: 20 October 2013