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A man is shot dead by a sniper. Detectives Pete Bradley and Madison Culver of the San Diego Police Department are sent to investigate. Unfortunately, their only suspect has an airtight alibi.But that’s not their only problem.Madison blames her partner for....
ISBN: 9781788767477
Published: 5 March 2019
Blamed for the deaths of innocent Afghan villagers, Sergeant Jim Balham returns home a broken man.Tortured by guilt, and the nightmare of what he has witnessed, he chooses suicide as his only means of escape.Katie Williams, a shy, intelligent woman, abuse....
ISBN: 9781788760669
Published: 20 October 2017
It is 1866 and the new Emperor of Mexico has dragooned England’s cowardly Colonel Fletcher into service.The fragile Mexican Empire is on its last legs, and our reluctant hero would like nothing more than to abandon ship and be homeward bound. When he isn’....
ISBN: 9781788767811
Published: 31 March 2019
It is 1948 and the Berlin airlift is about to begin.Captain Fletcher, a pilot in the RAF, has been coerced into working for the Secret Intelligence Service.Its mission – to stop the Russians getting hold of Britain’s nuclear secrets.His mission – to survi....
ISBN: 9781788767668
Published: 14 March 2019
It is 1956 and Hungary’s rebels are about to rebel against their Communist masters, but they desperately need the help of the West.Could this be another job for Captain Thomas Fletcher, RAF pilot and unwilling member of the Secret Intelligence Service?Sed....
ISBN: 9781788767637
Published: 7 March 2019
It is 1956 and Fidel Castro’s brave revolutionaries are threatening Batista’s corrupt dictatorship in Cuba. Help is at hand in the shape of our reluctant hero in the Secret Intelligence Service – Captain Thomas Fletcher. When he isn’t falling for the beau....
ISBN: 9781788767750
Published: 14 March 2019
It is 1950 and Kim Il Sung, the leader of North Korea, has ordered his troops to invade the South. Can they be stopped?It sounds like a job for Captain Thomas Fletcher, RAF pilot and unwilling member of the Secret Intelligence Service.When he isn’t chasin....
ISBN: 9781788767729
Published: 18 March 2019
It is 1951 and Ho Chi Minh’s communists are determined to end France’s colonial rule in Vietnam. Our French allies need all the help they can get - and it arrives in the shape of Captain Fletcher, RAF pilot and unwilling member of the Secret Intelligence ....
ISBN: 9781788767736
Published: 14 March 2019
When the Vice President of the United States visits a Welsh monastery, he suffers a fatal heart attack and the world is in a state of shock. Special Branch detective William Jones is the only member of the protection detail who believes he was murdered. U....
ISBN: 9781788767828
Published: 31 March 2019
Vicki Denham witnesses her father crying over the grave of a woman she does not know, and she is determined to discover why. But should she search for the answer, when it has the power to wipe away her father’s tears or to crush his soul forever? A stolen....
ISBN: 9781788764353
Published: 17 July 2018