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Lewis Evans is a multi-talented individual who has followed his passions through a life of great diversity. Having studied engineering he went on to graduate in graphic design. His first job was as a graphic designer at the BBC. He then set up a marketing communications consultancy, where he carried out design and corporate identity projects for companies in a wide variety of industries. Throughout the 1980's he also practised professional photography. His extensive portfolio contains architectural, industrial and fashion work. In the early 1990's he spent many weekends with a community of artists at the home of the film director, Stanley Kubrick. Here, he experimented with new methods and media, before setting up his own art studio. He has exhibited in New York, Marbella, Geneva, Dublin, Vancouver and in the UK, and ran his own art studio and gallery on Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada. Lewis has several inventions under his belt including a technique for trading currencies using a combination of powerful mindset techniques developed by his wife, Olga Sheean and a revolutionary method of setting up trading charts based on the Fibonacci ratios. He co-authored a book on the subject and achieved worldwide recognition and sales through web-based marketing, seminars and courses. He has also designed and manufactured a microwave-shielding device designed to protect mobile phone users from potentially harmful radiation. He spent two years in Geneva working for the United Nations, as a communications specialist for ILO/AIDS, helping to promote ways to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS in the world of work. He is married to relationship and empowerment coach and author, Olga Sheean. They have lived and travelled together all over the world and are currently based in Vancouver, Canada while they decide where they would like to set up a home. Hominine – we have a choice is his first novel. It was inspired by a dream as well as his many and varied life experiences and travels. In fictionalizing tough, real-life issues, political dilemmas and global crises, Evans depicts frighteningly plausible scenarios, while providing refreshingly sane solutions. His second novel is due to be published in 2013.

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As depleted resources, economic turmoil, piracy and political ineptitude take the world to the brink of collapse, the three superpowers launch a secret initiative to find a sustainable solution. As the project nears its completion, its higher ideals are s....
ISBN: 9781908895325
Published: 23 January 2012