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A later arrival in the years of life to writing her first main novel, Ellania Therane, came to fruition following self publishing of a couple of short stories. Sarah finds the concept of time and how this can manifest itself through parallel worlds, ghosts and other worlds including a love of fairy tales as the basis for many of her stories. Sarah's two self published short stories available on feedaread include the mystery of the ghostly goings on at The Plantation House and the strange time world which means a couple have no control on their lives in The waking sleep of Barnaby and Hope. Ellania Therane was her first character creation and remains a strong and slightly reckless young girl who has a long journey to travel once one decision is made. She is a good hearted person and takes a lot of people on her travels with her in the mythical land which includes the country of Tha'tula.

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What are you talking about Stevie, there is no baby here, why would there be a baby at the clinic ? His mother pulls him away but 9 year old Stevie protests, he knows what he saw and not just once yet no one else has seen, no one else believes. Twenty yea....
ISBN: 9781784070120
Published: 27 September 2013
Ellania Therane has a choice to make, a good plain choice which solves all her issues, gives her best friend the life she always wanted which means she can continue to live her life as she wants .... no destiny and no fate inconveniently affecting her lif....
ISBN: 9781785101571
Published: 8 October 2014
During the annual charity ball Hope Vallons disappeared into seemingly thin air, right front of Barnaby Goode. Of course no one would believe him, too much drink was the reason given. But Hope had gone and only 5 years later did Barnaby learn the truth an....
ISBN: 9781784075491
Published: 26 March 2014