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Mike Warr spent over two years living in the Antarctic in the 1960s. He worked as a meteorologist, and drove husky teams at the bases. Like the other men he heated the stoves with coal and melted snow for water. The Antarctic bases were isloated for eight months of the year. There was no way to leave until the relief ship arrived. Mike has lived in Canada since 1966, and is married to Norma. He taught secondary school for twenty-six years in central British Columbia. Most of his physical activities revolve around getting ready for, and running, marathons. He has written a book on his Antarctic experiences titled South of Sixty. The last four chapters are his trip as an Antarctic tourist in 2005. With other ex-Antarctic hands he visited old bases along the Antarctic Peninsula, and noted the changes in the Antarctic especially the increased number of whale sightings and the large crowds of fur seals. Mike belongs to the British Antarctic Survey Club, and the American Polar Society. On the Internaet his Antarctic articles may be found under "Michael Warr Antarctica". His website is On a cruise on the Polar Star with GAP Adventures during December 2006 that took in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula Mike lectured on Antarctic history. He worked five weeks with Peregrine Shipping (now Quark) as an Antarctic historian in 2007 on the Akademick Sergey Vavilov and on Lindblad's National Geographic Endeavour in 2009.

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After a marriage break up Jim McKinnon, a security consultant, wants an Antarctic cruise with cool seals, penguins and icebergs, and the beautiful brunette Carol Martins. She is interested in him, but is on the cruise to avenge her dead father killed on a....
ISBN: 9781784072766
Published: 13 June 2014