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Ria MacAlister has not lived a fairy-tale life. Molested as a child, raped as a teen and abused as a wife, she buried herself in books and relationships to help numb self-deprecating feelings. When her fifth marriage started heading south, she began writing as a panacea of sorts to help heal her own scars, completing her first novel, 'Heartshaped Shards' in just seven months. Never seriously intending to publish her novel, friends and family insisted she do so after reading the story. One friend encouraged, "It has to be shared! I think it could really help someone else. If just one person is helped, then it's worth it, isn't it?" So, Ria took a leap of faith and put her story into the public's hands. Ria lives in the southwestern United States with her sixth (and she swears last!) husband, who happens to closely resemble the hero of 'Heartshaped Shards'. Ria says she met her husband after she wrote the novel, knowing right away this marriage was meant to be. "There really are happy endings out just have to wait for them."

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Kate had a future with hopes of pursuing a career as a sports rehabilitation therapist, but fate changed that. Beaten once again and left for dead by her husband, Kate is scarred in every way possible. Eventually her physical body begins to heal, but her ....
ISBN: 9781782998433
Published: 20 August 2013