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NB: I am currently revising The Mafakin books under the more genre specific name LOUISE CRELL. Other works already completed or in progress will remain under LOUISE SAULF. Updates are available on twitter @louise_saulf , and on facebook at . Happy Reading

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Once Upon A Starlit Night is a story of a fairy who wishes to know about real life. Transported by a star beam, she discovers life through the experiences of a bitter-minded woman who declares she does not believe in fairy tales. It is narrated through qu....
ISBN: 9781784076832
Published: 13 May 2014
In this heart-warming tale Alfred, retired Sire to the CAROB line of Siamese cats, warns his offspring of the dangers of Halloween through the story of the night he met the Kitty Phantasm, the Grand Dam of all cats. It is Halloween week and their human, C....
ISBN: 9781785101069
Published: 23 September 2014
The wrath of an ancient deity, Chaos, is forecast to fall on Eidolon, the sister planet of Earth. Three Great Overseers, Qoali the Keeper of Souls, Nona of Life and Light, and Reva the Defender of Destiny, enlist the help of Earthborn Sergei-Telmach Jones....
ISBN: 9781784075224
Published: 28 April 2015
Large Print: Font 14. Following on from A Blood Moon Rising, how will Sergei and Avernus come to terms with the aftermath of the earthquake? Will Gowan accept Pim’s transformation as Pim and Birdie learn to work together, or will he stand by as they are d....
ISBN: 9781786107862
Published: 9 March 2016
In this sequel to the Darkling Divine, Lorn the Mother of the Fates takes action to protect her daughters. Iriadne struggles to understand who she is and the reason for her captivity, while Lyndra takes to the ancient past and the Underworld in search of ....
ISBN: 9781786976482
Published: 21 January 2017
Lorn and her warriors return to Eidolon in this exciting final instalment of the Mafakin Queen series. Among dragons, tidal waves, the formidable Shadow Tide and the scheming of the Ancients Kiklios, Koekje and Feylan, they must discover the truth of Eido....
ISBN: 9781786979636
Published: 30 August 2017