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Jane is approaching 60, looking after her mother and desperate for a more exciting lifestyle. She decides to buy an orchard and grow truffle trees in the hope of making a fortune and escaping her humdrum existence. The problem is that the orchard is in De....
ISBN: 9781788766203
Published: 30 November 2018
When Lacy, a high school teenager, is given a silver cross for her 16th birthday she starts to have paranormal experiences. The silver cross is haunted by the ghost of her Great Grandfather who is trying to help her uncover the mystery of her family's pas....
ISBN: 9781782998983
Published: 4 September 2013
Christmas is not going to plan this year. David Christmas has started The Father Christmas Company and copyrighted the name. Now anything with the words 'Santa' or 'Father Christmas' on it have to pay a royalty to his Company. Christopher Christmas, David....
ISBN: 9781782998990
Published: 4 September 2013