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Born 1969 in Elderslie, Scotland, I misspent my childhood exploring the hills and shores of the Isle of Bute before migrating south to a concrete and glass wonderland somewhere in North Buckinghamshire. I have since worked as a clerk, barman, pipe-fitters mate, sandwich maker and photographer. I graduated from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in 1994. In addition to The Buzz Building I have written several screenplays one of which, a horror film called The Circle, is due for release in 2014.

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The prison doctor delivers the bad news. A tattered left ventricle. Haig Dumfries should have known. Every ten years Fate hands him a birthday present guaranteed to rip his life apart. On his 20th birthday his father died in a bizarre construction site ac....
ISBN: 9781784073879
Published: 24 May 2014