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Stuart is 59 years old and retired at the end of September 2013 after 38 years as a public servant working in a law enforcement environment. Whilst growing up he had 14 different homes as his father, a police officer, moved around at the behest of the force; this gave Stuart a wanderlust that has never been fully satisfied. However he now lives in North Norfolk with his second wife and 5 cats and feels more settled than ever before. He has 3 sons from his first marriage and one grandson all of whom live away but he tries to see them as often as possible. Stuart is active in his community and is the chairman of his local Parish Council. He is also involved in a Broads based conservation charity. Although not a Norfolk man by birth he feels at home there. This is Stuart’s first published work and he only took up writing in earnest during the run-up to his retirement. This book consists of two stories linked by common characters. Makey is a character that has been brewing in Stuart’s imagination for some considerable time. Stuart says of him that “over the years I have known a number of people that have gone in to the character’s distillation”. Makey is at heart a good and efficient copper although he is truly of his time and would probably be like a fish out of water in modern times although, as readers will find out he is very adaptable. Stuart has also written a number of short stories which appear on his blog site at There is also a website dedicated to Makey at and a facebook page. Makey’s next adventure, “Mudlark and Onions” is currently written and awaits editing. It will be published in 2014.

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It's the early to mid 1970's and DS Makepeace, known as Makey to friends and enemies alike, has had to leave London for what he thinks will be the sleepy backwater of Norfolk, but the villains seem to be following him. At least two beautiful women, some b....
ISBN: 9781784070953
Published: 20 October 2013
It is the 1970's and Makey is an Officer in the Norfolk Constabulary who has a colourful past. His partner, Pat Thrimble, is both a work colleague and a soul-mate. There are those in senior management who believe that Makey and Pat should not work togethe....
ISBN: 9781785102639
Published: 12 November 2014