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David Hunter was born in Scotland and his life has gone steadily south from that point. Handicapped by education in England (albeit at a decent comprehensive and Russell Group university), his historic career low-points include hole-digger, stone-trundler, sales monkey, can-carrier and school teacher. Much of his adult life has been spent shivering uncontrollably through cold and fear in situations of excruciating discomfort so now he likes pottering about in sunshine. Currently responsible for the misdelivery of a substantial quantity of the nation's post, his delusions of adequacy now extend to imagining himself a writer. His stories will appeal to those folk who hanker after some old-fashioned (but subversive), fast-paced sword and sorcery, but who think the likes of R.E. Howard and G.R.R. Martin are a bit too lily-livered

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Relentless, fast-paced action set in a pitiless world of swords and sorcery where only the ruthless and cunning may hope to survive. Follow the calculating and lethal Artemo, and the brutal but charismatic Horsa, as they carve intertwining paths through l....
ISBN: 9781782999461
Published: 14 October 2013