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Richard J Carroll grew up in Far North Queensland, Australia. In his younger days, he worked in a variety of jobs and travelled extensively around the world. He lived in France for 18 years where he had a short book on meditation published in French in 1992. In 2003 he had an environmental workbook for secondary students Ecosystems and Indigenous Peoples of the World published by Knowledge Books and Software in Brisbane. Richard obtained a BA at University of Queensland in 2006 with majors in Writing and Environmental Studies. He achieved first class Honours in 2009 at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a memoir set in France. Richard has recently completed a PhD in creative writing at QUT.

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ISBN: 9781784076665
Published: 27 June 2014
Historical epic White Ghosts is set against the tumultuous background of Brisbane's founding, a saga of three generations of the Petrie family spanning one hundred years. Newspaperman Thomas Dowse once dubbed Andrew Petrie the “father of Brisbane” for his....
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