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J. N. X. WU grew up in the Cultural Revolution era of China where she spent most of her school days working in the fields and seeing little of books. Her most vivid memory of her childhood is of severe hardship. The pursuit of freedom was the focus of her early adult years. After marrying an Englishman in the 1980s, she left her homeland and came to the United Kingdom where she found freedom. However, her search for fulfilment was long and hard. Writing LOVE IS THE PATH had been her way of trying to make sense of the dreams that never came true and the desires that refused to go away. Today she lives happily with her husband in the north of England. She acknowledges that recent years have seen great changes in her hometown in China and now her relatives there are able to make a good living.

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Beautiful eighteen-year-old Ah Ling's dream of going to university is crushed when a series of events lead to her financial trouble, but it is revived when she accepts a matchmaker-brokered marriage and leaves her home in a remote village of China for Eng....
ISBN: 9781784072407
Published: 16 December 2013