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A man of many parts, Mr Wright has been involved in engineering, municipal services,farming, the hotel industry, blue water sailing. Now retired he has achieved a long time wish and that is to write. He has completed two books and is now busy on the third. He lives with his wife and two Labrador dogs in the beautiful coastal village of Kleinemond in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa.

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Set somewhere in England in the 1930,s, we follow the inepte fforts of one William Wiltmore as he tries to convince his late father,s Solicitors that he complies with the three conditions laid out in his father,s will that will allow him to inherit his fa....
ISBN: 9781781768396
Published: 13 October 2012
An accountant, petty criminals, a building contractor,a vice cop,a detective inspector all have an interest in the millions that are up for grabs. Who will win the be the winner of this race for riches. Follow the twist and turns of this intriguing tale a....
ISBN: 9781781764534
Published: 15 June 2012
An accountant, a pair of petty criminals, a building contractor, a vice cop, all with a personal interest in the millions that are up for grabs. Even detective inspestor Noble becomes tempted in the course of his investigation. A fast moving tale with a t....
ISBN: 9781781768013
Published: 28 September 2012