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Neeche, a young woman from Paaseh, had made a quiet decision, to herself, not to follow in the footsteps of the women in her hometown when they completed their education and therefore came of age. She wanted to see the world beyond the town of Paaseh much....
ISBN: 9781782999379
Published: 17 September 2013
One night, something happened in Ezra’s room. One of his cars transformed. This led to the beginning of some exciting magical adventures for Ezra. His family was unaware of Ezra’s secret and he, in turn, did not tell anyone. Ezra continued to enjoy the ad....
ISBN: 9781784070205
Published: 27 September 2013
Follow the journey of Princess Daisy on her way to happily ever after. The journey is not as straightforward as is usually expected. There is a twist in the story which makes it very enjoyable.
ISBN: 9781782999690
Published: 23 September 2013