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An adventure that began at night, in an English country lane beside a red phone box, leads Annie the midwife to her dream job in Southern Africa. She loves this new life and writes to her Australian half-sister of births and elephants, malaria and sunshin....
ISBN: 9781784070229
Published: 27 September 2013
A story for children of all ages. Blackberry leads the escape of his band of urban Foxlings from London to a New World in deepest Devon. There is adventure, rescue and friendship. The cooperation of all the creatures of the city, the cats, the rats and th....
ISBN: 9781784071516
Published: 2 November 2013
A Journey. The nurse reads the book her patient gave her. How does the unloved, lost and numb child Harriet learn to feel? She does it through the only emotion that seem real to her. Her sexual adventures involve lesbian love at boarding school, a peculia....
ISBN: 9781784072629
Published: 24 December 2013