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I've been writing since I was five when my parents gave me a child's Petite Typewriter, and my mum still has one of my first ever stories. I wrote consistently about horses until I was about sixteen and became interested in historical fiction. Since then I've tried many different genres, but have discovered that what I am best at is writing stories for older children. My youngest son is now sixteen and it was for him that I began my Sword of Nimueh series, as he is mildly hyperactive and has Asperger's Syndrome and I needed a story that would capture his attention. It did, so I kept on writing, initially churning out a chapter a day to a story hungry child. Of course, it took a lot longer to edit it all! I have Asperger's myself and i like horses, writing of course, history, museums and home educating my son, and I am a lifelong fan of King Arthur (my Asperger's obsession).

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It is mid-winter and Britain is under thick snow. On his thirteenth birthday Alex wakes up to find that his godfather, Uncle Max, a mysterious archaeologist, has sent him a magnificent sword and a cryptic note. But Alex's parents have vanished overnight a....
ISBN: 9781849234962
Published: 1 November 2011
"Seek the Sleeper in the western Sea Under the Hollow Hill. Find the darken door whose key Is the blade that bends to your will." Thirteen year old Alex thinks the adventures he and his best friend Callie had in The Midwinter Child are over. Until one hot....
ISBN: 9781849234450
Published: 1 November 2011
Teenager Alex Penraig, the prophesied Midwinter Child, is visiting his archaeologist godfather when one of the Professor’s ex-students discovers the tomb of Guenevere, the legendary queen of King Arthur, during an excavation in the grounds of Glastonbury ....
ISBN: 9781786978639
Published: 23 June 2017