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ME A ‘son of the manse’ I lived in North America as a child; in Canada, the Mid-west and ultimately Washington DC before returning to the UK. I am British, Scottish and enjoy a strong affinity for Americans. After a somewhat spotty school career, I did various jobs including time as a shepherd on the island of Mull. I became a middle manager in an engineering company at the age of twenty three. By twenty six I was running a training group of 20 SME manufacturing companies with over 30 locations. When I was thirty I joined a UK national multiple retailer and manufacturer as Head of HR. Next I started my own company as an advisor, organisation/team development and change specialist. I worked extensively in the public and private sectors, blue chip to small enterprise. I was often hired to troubleshoot people and team problems. I engaged on the people side of commercial contract work. Finally I founded and became CEO of an IT firm. I left after eight years and became a writer, business advisor, non-executive director and member of a charity that provides advocacy support for people with learning difficulties. I've known good times, hard times and travelled a bit. THE ANGELS’ SHARE Reports of uncontrolled procurement costs and minimal accountability for the people involved, provided inspiration for The Angels’ Share (TAS). I have first-hand experience of wasteful and inept practices. Although not in the public interest; our leaders allow flawed contracting processes to continue. We’re talking billions of pounds every year! We witness stunning incompetence in the public sector and opportunistic exploitation by the private sector. This begs a question: why is ineptitude and self-serving abuse being allowed to continue? How might it be stopped? DIY PUBLISHING TAS is my first novel. I’m not Stephen King, Michael Connelly or Robert Crais to name but three of the many excellent writers who are successful in the traditional book selling world. It’s great to live in these exciting times with marvellous opportunities to side-step the restraints of traditional book marketing. I decided to go to market on a wide front. You can get TAS as an eBook for all major formats and in paperback. An audio book is in production (professional recording, actor performed and directed). The screenplay should be finished in Spring 2012. I am fortunate to work with actors and professionals who read and liked TAS. We work in partnership and will share the benefits. My back room marketing team is starting to take shape. I am not rejecting traditional publishing; just impatient with it. In addition to the TAS series, there are two other writing projects in-hand. One is a Celtic spiritual warrior adventure story, set in Roman times, with preliminary research and writing begun. The other, with over twenty published articles, involves the practicalities of the human side of work. DarkArt, will be published in summer 2012.

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ISBN: 9781781763070
Published: 2 May 2012