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Warren Finn was born in an area formerly referred to as Middlesex. A historic county in the southeast of England which is now, entirely within the wider urbanised area of London! As a child, his family migrated towards the county of Kent before his eventual residence in the Medway Towns. During this period in life, he took an active role in a variety of careers whilst also chronicling the lives of those around him for a range of local fanzines. It was during his time at Mid-Kent College, that he came to the attention of several local artists and stand up artisan poets (who he provided material for) before he embarked on an alternate career in the baking industry. Throughout his twenties, he maintained a steady range of voluntary projects (across the arts and creative construction) before becoming a permanent fixture of the developing jazz and blues scene of Rochester. Warren continued to write productively, until his eventual relocation to Norfolk (albeit briefly). A period, which saw him become a regular teacher and a rock choir choirmaster before he, once again, started work on several editing and writing projects before turning his attention to a range of performance songs. With the onset of his father's declining health, he relocated to Gloucestershire and continues to write on a range of subjects and genres. He has published several works, under his own name and is now found regularly providing lyrics for a range of musical projects!

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The notion of taking the time to watch, study and evaluate in poetry and prose is never lost to those who venture to read this classic! This book, more than previous offerings, spans an entire generation from a more intimate perspective. Every page, profi....
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Jack Porter is an everyday kid just struggling to fit in and avoid the constant threat of his arch enemy Peter Brenner. With the arrival of the Franklin twins and the start of the Second World War his world is changed forever when they form an unlikely al....
ISBN: 9781785107177
Published: 21 April 2015
The politicians of the day are no longer debating. Hitler’s forces are still advancing and Jack Porter has finally been evacuated!War continues to rage, the beaches are covered in pebbles, the Germans are now only twenty-five miles across the Channel and ....
ISBN: 9781786107985
Published: 15 March 2016