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Bon-viveur, boulevardier, former KGB assassin and professional liar - Mark Francis is only one of these things. Living in Paddington with his wife, son & sociopathic dog, he has worked as a social worker for untold years on the mean streets of Glasgow, London & downtown Bexhill. He describes himself as "jarkman to the Canting Crew" in the hope that nobody in authority will know what he is talking about. His books, the Godfrey Paper,s contain some sex, mostly violence and the kind of typographical errors that so inspired the 17th century to be one of the most colourful in our history. That colour being, apart from blood red, a rather disgusting shade of brown for the most part. He was on Mastermind for 17th century history (23 since you wondered) but apart from that has no history qualifications (apart from A level) which probably explains the diabolical liberties he has the nerve to get away with (although everything is minutely researched & includes some remarkable accuracies as well as possible inaccuracies.) His protagonist Edmund Godfrey was an historical figure whose death in a ditch impaled on his own sword in 1678 has never been solved. Website (with audio, quizzes, video, souvenirs for sale- Books in order >1. The Fanatiques' Creed (1661) >2. The Terror of Terrors (1662) >3. The Monkey Duchess (1663) >4. The Devil's Trumpet (1664) "The Black Book" is a collection of the first 3 books. It is cheaper to produce & only one set of shipping charges. If however you already bought book one I am going to issue a different collection of Volumes 234- which will be "The White Book".or "Whyte Book" (celebrating variant spellings so ytypical of the 17th century.

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Godfrey is in hiding. Only a threat to his family can pull him back. His father is going crazy and the local priest has called in the Witchfinder, Jonathan Stearne. But soon Stearne has Edmund Godfrey in his sights...
ISBN: 9781785108501
Published: 9 June 2015
In the mean streets of Restoration London, Justice has a name. Godfrey, Mr Justice Godfrey to you, scape-gallows. When magistrate, Edmund Godfrey finds a dead body at the docks he finds himself pitched into a whirlpool of murder, madness and treason.
ISBN: 9781785105104
Published: 3 February 2015
A hack lawyer fails to turn up in Godfrey's court. He is in his office bludgeoned to death & his strong box rifled. Godfrey becomes embroiled in a blackmail plot at the highest levels of Government. A ruthless gang is prepared to use kidnap aqnd murder to....
ISBN: 9781785107009
Published: 14 April 2015
After a tough day watching Oliver Cromwell hanged,the last thing Justice Godfrey wants is a man at his door with a knife in his back. Finding his killer leads to trail of corpses across London and a nightmare sea voyage to save the Kingdom.
ISBN: 9781785105890
Published: 3 March 2015
A collection of the first three Edmund Godfrey Books Volumes 1 to 3 bound together saving cost & postage costs Volume 1 (1661) The Fanatiques' Creed Volume 2 (1662) The Terror of Terrors Volume 3 (1663) The Monkey Duchess. Edmund Godfrey- The Baroque Dete....
ISBN: 9781785109614
Published: 16 July 2015
If you bought Volume 1 (The Fanatiques' Creed) you won't want to buy the Black Book (Vols. 123) - which works out half price - due to lower production & postage costs) because you will have bought Vol.1 twice.And that is why you want "The Whyte Book of Ed....
ISBN: 9781785109744
Published: 21 July 2015