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In 2002, Nene and her husband packed up their home and three children and emigrated to Australia from Pembrokeshire, Wales. These days Nene is living her dream in sunny Brisbane where she writes full time.

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Isobel Richardson can cope with most things; her husband's redundancy, a shortage of money, three spirited kids and a demanding old house on the West Wales coast. She sees the loss of Leo's job as a chance for new beginnings and her drive and determinatio....
ISBN: 9781784074722
Published: 17 May 2014
Isobel Richardson is torn. With an elderly dependent mother on one side of the world and her husband and children in Australia, her priorities are drifting further and further away from one another. She tries to stretch around the globe with a hand on eac....
ISBN: 9781785101144
Published: 23 September 2014
Isobel's life has changed. All but destroyed one sunshiny day; just like that when she wasn't looking. She needs to wake up and realise that unless she starts swimming, the waters might close completely over her head.
ISBN: 9781786102775
Published: 2 November 2015