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The author of two books on science and lit, Alan W Powers shares only one thing with Dr. Seuss: their place of birth, Springfield MA, US. Powers has worked as a harmless drudge, a college teacher of composition and Shakespeare, in Minnesota and Massachusetts. He has spoken 75 times on Birdtalk, his first trade book, and twenty times on The Worlds of Giordano Bruno, his second. One of these was at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. (Google "Giordano BrunoHarvard Video." He has written a guest Safire "Head over Googles," and appeared in two poetry films, Keats and his Nightingale and A Loaded Gun. He has been interviewed on Italian TV and radio, and American radio. Almost nobody who refers to Bruno refers to him as hilarious, but you may if you read this translation. His website is Powers' version of Bruno's hilarious Candelaio (1582) was performed at the Bridewell Theatre, London, 4 April 14, and is on the shelves of libraries such as the BL and the Royal Danish Library. The author concludes G Bruno may have been executed for his devastating sense of humor. Powers' new book is Parodies Lost (2016), a satire on self-centered American poetry, and a Wordsworthian "growth of the poet's mind" emulating Pushkin. The unique book covers:the work of artist Susan Mohl Powers,

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See YouTube Video: Bruno was as modern in this play as in his universe filled with inhabitable worlds. NASA is right now looking for the worlds Bruno predicted. But Bruno is downright funny in his play, ....
ISBN: 9781784075019
Published: 2 April 2014
Why are poets expected to be sad-faced? This question begins my story-poem: “He knew--from a picture of Rod McKuen-- of all his race, the poet makes the saddest face. And next to a hound, the saddest sound.” Maybe when the dog is not a hound, he’ll write ....
ISBN: 9781786975126
Published: 2 December 2016