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Old Peg had lived his 70-odd years in the small community of Wick's Bay. Often difficult and argumentative, especially with his wife Meg, he remained much loved and respected by those who knew him... Until his secrets were revealed. Secrets which changed ....
ISBN: 9781784075507
Published: 26 March 2014
The residents of Ashcroft House were busy that long, sweltering summer. Christa struggled to write her play; Nerys and Jerry were actively seeking his mother, while Miss Dingle was being her usual interfering, opinionated self. As they languished in the o....
ISBN: 9781784074227
Published: 18 February 2014
Polly and Dolly are two sisters who lead very different lives, but who are united in their ability to cause chaos wherever they go.Polly's letters to her sister reveal their separate and often humorousdramas during the course of an eventful year.
ISBN: 9781784075217
Published: 18 March 2014
Everything about Gemma's life was dull and she was desperate to escape her humdrum existence. But how? The answer seemed to lie in an old self-help book which promised she could improve her circumstances if she applied its simple guidelines. What had she ....
ISBN: 9781784075583
Published: 4 April 2014
When Gordon Pattison was despatched to Marwood to investigate rural affairs he was astonished by what he found. And why was he continually asked if he was going to Maddy's wedding? Who was Maddy anyway? In spite of his best efforts his task was rapidly pr....
ISBN: 9781784074463
Published: 27 February 2014
Old Peg had lived all his 70-odd years in Wick’s Bay. Often irascible and argumentative, especially with his wife, he remained much loved and respected in the small community…..until his secrets were revealed. Secrets which changed many lives.
ISBN: 9781784072131
Published: 4 December 2013
Stanley Domblebee made exclusive chocolate confectionary and was a respected trader in the area. But in the 1930s Fairlands was shaken from its mundane existence. And Stanley Domblebee was at the centre of it...
ISBN: 9781784073428
Published: 23 January 2014
Meribel Hawkins was not all that she seemed. As the newlandlady of The Knucker public house, her very presencecaused disruption and sowed distrust between wives and their husbands. But worse was to come.Far worse....A cosy fantasy from Nel Barton
ISBN: 9781784074241
Published: 18 February 2014
Rosie was hurt, but also somewhat relieved when her parents disowned her. She was, after all, expecting Norman's baby and in pre-war Britain that was a disgrace. "The Doll Collector" tells the story of Rosie's sudden disappearance when she was 16, and the....
ISBN: 9781784079147
Published: 22 July 2014
George and Marcus were friends and neighbours who, with their wives, enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle in suburbia. The girls hammered the credit cards while the menfolk became even more obsessed with golf. It was an arrangement which suited all of the....
ISBN: 9781784075712
Published: 4 April 2014
The twin villages of Gratton Major and Gratton Minor nestled contentedly under the hillside, upon which was the ancient chalk figure of the Green Man. Below was the village pub, named in his honour. Few people visited the Grattons – that is until a new jo....
ISBN: 9781784073435
Published: 23 January 2014
Bob Appleby had lost everything. His wife had thrown him out, his employment had been terminated, and homeless he was reduced to living in a friend's garden shed. Stella, a lonely widow, often passed the time of day with him when he was outside Marks & Sp....
ISBN: 9781784075453
Published: 26 March 2014