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Private Investigator J Colt gets an invite to a party at Dumbleton Manor and to meet the owner Adam Eith, but during the night guests start dying and disappearing. Will J be able to find out why the killings are happening before the murderer gets to him a....
ISBN: 9781786979575
Published: 23 August 2017
After the Battle at Asteron,it was time for Jason and his friends to head back to Filacon but with the orbs all in their possession will they have enough time to get to the Fountain so things can start getting back together, but when they get there Jason ....
ISBN: 9781786109378
Published: 5 May 2016
The first three J Colt Murder Mysteries. Book one is called A Dead Invitation which takes place at a Manor House in Dumbleton. Next is called Second Down that takes place in New York and is based around a court room. finely the next book is called The Thi....
ISBN: 9781803025704
Published: 12 July 2022
Jason lives in Crystal Palace and works in London, and slips on some rainwater in the foyer of his place of work and knocks himself out and wakes up in Filacon which is a different world and time, for him to return to his own world he has to go on a quest....
ISBN: 9781784076023
Published: 18 April 2014
After solving the murder case at Dumbleton Manor J Colt is contacted to try and defend a friend in America that has been arrested for murder. With the CIA and the FBI watching his every move can he convince the judge and the jury that his client is innoce....
ISBN: 9781839454226
Published: 27 August 2020
Private Investigator J Colt has been asked to solve a murder mystery that has taken place at Friers Carse hotel in Dumfries which is just on the borders of Scotland. It seems that a body of a young woman has been found on the grounds of the estate. The st....
ISBN: 9781803025100
Published: 19 May 2022