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MAURA (English) GALLAGHER was born in 1947 in Pittsburgh PA. She attended Parochial Schools in Pittsburgh from 1953-1965, attending St. Kieran's Elementary School and graduating from St. Paul Cathedral High School with an emphasis in Business. After graduation, she attended non-degree evening classes in Painting and Drawing at Carnegie Institute of Technology and she she worked as a secretary in a real estate office and in a graphic company working her way through college. She graduated Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education in 1970. She worked as a Pittsburgh Public School Art Teacher while earning a Master Equivalency Degree in Education from Penn State University Extension Campus and the University of Pittsburgh External Studies 1970-1978 at Crescent Elementary before retiring to become a stay-at-home mom with her two daughters. During that time, she also worked in the Wilkinsburg School District and the Woodland Hills School District as a substitute Art Teacher as well as making soft sculpted dolls at home. In 1985, she accepted a position as 'Replacement Teacher' at the Brookline Elementary Teachers Center, working in twenty-nine of the district's elementary schools. In 1991, she went back into her own classroom teaching Art and Computer Education at Mifflin Elementary, McKelvy Elementary and Spring Garden Elementary. In 2001, illness disabled her and she took a Sabbatical for health reasons. She never returned to the classroom. She and her husband of almost forty years continue to live in southwestern Pennsylvania, as well as sharing time in their home-away-from-home of Ocean City, Maryland and with their children and grandchildren. A self-published author, she began writing in 2007 at the age of sixty using the pen name, CLU GALLAGHER, a nickname other writers had given her when she had participated in the forum for the ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. Later, she used MAURA/CLU GALLAGHER and MAURA GALLAGHER. For more information about Maura and her work, please visit her personally designed website at MORE SELF-PUBLISHED BOOKS MAURA/CLU GALLAGHER SHATTERED SEEDS: 'SOFIA'S STORY' RECEIVED RECOGNITION AS 'QUARTERFINAL', ABNA 2010 SHATTERED SEEDS: 'SOFIA'S STORY' SPECIAL EDITION I 2011 (RETIRED DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES 2012) SHATTERED SEEDS: 'SOFIA'S STORY' SPECIAL EDITION II 2012 SHATTERED SEEDS: "SOFIA'S STORY' COLLECTOR EDITION 2012 ANEW, THE SCATTERED SEEDS 2013 THE ROAD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS 2011 THE ROAD TO RIGHTEOUSNESS COLLECTOR EDITION 2012 DARBY'S ROAD, THE SCATTERED SEEDS 2013

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“If heirloom seeds are ‘shattered’ before planting, they will never grow.” MAURA/CLU GALLAGHER draws a comparison of the garden variety of seeds to the ‘seeds’ of humanity’ in her 20th Century biographical fiction, SOFIA’S STORY THE SHATTERED SEEDS. A Ger....
ISBN: 9781784073732
Published: 4 February 2014