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Roger Why is an Oxford graduate (Jesus College), married, with four adult sons; now retired after a lifetime as a manager and cannot think of anything better to do than let his imagination run riot.

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In a world many light years away, Vannood, a glimmerman who uses magic to kill and to compel the innocent to his will, plots against his king. But justice is closing in and he is desperate to escape retribution. He finds a way to communicate with Michael ....
ISBN: 9781781761144
Published: 23 March 2012
The second volume of The Glimmer trilogy focuses on the world of Camborne; torn by war once steel jacketed bullets destroy the stability of a thousand years.As events move inexorably toward the battle for Hamara City, Michael Donovan finds he has more in ....
ISBN: 9781781761151
Published: 26 March 2012
Short stories, lost novels and old memories, The detritus of a lifetime, reflecting the things I have done and the places I have been
ISBN: 9781803026183
Published: 23 September 2022
John Blacker returns to Earth to search for his daughter and to challenge the power of Vannood. But the world has been thrown into chaos by the discovery of glimmer. The democracies have been undermined, the USA is super power no longer, and dust clouds c....
ISBN: 9781781761168
Published: 26 March 2012
Nightsoil is a black comedy dealing with a subject that our liberated and civilised society still has difficulty addressing; human excreta. In the city it is a simple matter of flushing the loo; in the country it is more complicated. A septic tank plays a....
ISBN: 9781781765982
Published: 24 July 2012