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Robert Cooper left school at fifteen and began a long career in engineering where he achieved management level and eventually opened his own company. Disillusioned with engineering he later closed the company and became a home improvements salesman. He moved to France with his wife in 2001 where he augmented his income by writing articles for English magazines. Later he secured his own monthly column in H&E Naturist magazine; a leading world-wide publication for English-speaking naturists. His published articles paved the way to turn his diaries into his first book.

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“A lot can change in twelve years. In twelve years France has changed and I expect we have changed within it. We changed things within our house, and friendships changed too, mostly for the better; some not. Through our weakness we gained strength and thr....
ISBN: 9781839455742
Published: 20 November 2020
Robert Cooper had an idyllic life as a resident within the beautiful grounds of a naturist club, so why at 50 did he give it all up and move to an old stone farmhouse in SW France? He took with him his new wife, two cats and a dog, a large collection of p....
ISBN: 9781784075040
Published: 2 April 2014