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Peter Wrench is a former civil servant, turned jobbing adjudicator and professional lay person. He used to co-own the wondrous Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate, and to blog about music and related stuff at Eden On The Line. These days he spends more time setting cryptic crosswords as Edgar.

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Forty years after the release of Van Morrison's classic album, 'Saint Dominic's Preview', an in-depth look at the music and how it was made. Drawing extensively on the memories of the musicians and technicians who made the record, 'Saint Dominic's Flashba....
ISBN: 9781781768600
Published: 24 October 2012
‘The Night Of The Round Stable’ takes classic elements of children’s literature and brings them bang up to date. Outraged by plans to build a factory farm on the edge of their town, Johanna and her brother Harry set out to stymie the junk food magnate beh....
ISBN: 9781908895493
Published: 2 February 2012
The second book in the Mr Phigg series, for children from 8 up – and grown-ups too. Odd things start happening to Johanna and her brother Harry when their basement floods for no reason. Then the children visit Mrs Cuthbert, an old family friend who is in ....
ISBN: 9781782997672
Published: 30 July 2013