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Mutiat Adeoshun writes naughty poems and letters of love. She is an unknown Nigerian multi-talented artist and a comedian, known by her nickname "Eranko" (meaning Animal), on popular Nigerian blog, NaijaGist due to her flirty and naughty comments and write-ups and because she is someone who enjoys poking her nose in every current issue around the world, and looking through the key holes to know what the couples are doing or saying in secret. She says, when I came to London, I was surrounded by my relatives and friends who used to downgrade me all the time, just because I started my journey in London as an early morning cleaner, and did all sort of odd jobs. One of my friends who had a good job mocked me and called me dull-head. Some would say, have you been to your early morning, or have you been to Camden/Islington today to clear out old people’s commodes and wash their bottom? She says, I smile through it all, because I know that I can do more than being a cleaner, or care worker. Some friends even laughed at my legs and my teeth. They say, my nose is not straight enough and my lips are too thin. But I know that I am pulchritudinous and salacious. I am like a Japanese chihuahua. I was given all sort of names such as uneducated, dropout, primitive, and gossip. Some people called me madam F9, and say to me I went to an under-bridge college. I grew up in pain, which made me think about life crisis. So, I decided to set out to know what other people are going through in their lives. I went round town to interview couples, to know what they are doing to each other in secret. Some of the stories in this book are true. An unknown Nigerian socialite and business woman who was in textile manufacturing in the ’80s, she is a great psychic and a traditional dancer. Her parents are from the Ijebu-olode tribe, from Ijebu Ode, Ogun state, southwest Nigeria, a village where they built the Tai Solarin University in Ijagun Ajebu, Ijebu Ode, Nigeria. She grew up in central Lagos and was educated through open college. Later she went to secretarial college to study stenography, and went on to work with a private editor, where she was trained as a freelance photo journalist, in the ’70s. She went on to work as a marketer, with a Taiwanese private import and export company. The company brought her to London. She came to London in 1988, and after that she lost everything, through a messy divorce. While in London, doing various odd jobs to survive, she also continued to study. She turned herself into jack of all trades. She went on to study business administration, fine art, photography, patchwork, and fashion drawing. She is the daughter of a rubber plantation industrial farmer, who was one of the British-Nigerian soldiers who fought in Burma. Her late father who was also a village money lender / village head and healer. She re-married again in 1990 to a playboy Prince, a retired royal air force gunner, a naughty hardcore, whom she nicknamed Mr. Libidinous.

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This is a book of humour. Draws insight from current occurrences between couples, friends, families and the world as a whole. It would be a good read for those who are lonely, like in nursing homes and the prisons or those who would like to smile again.
ISBN: 9781786108036
Published: 15 March 2016