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I was born in France in 1937, of a Russian mother and a Scottish father, and came to England in the first years of the war. We came by ship from Marseilles to Liverpool to avoid the U- boats in the channel. All I wanted to do at school was to read books and write stories. I took this up again when I retired from a career in teaching and social work. In 2003 I moved from the South of England to Darlington, and have become very attached to the North East. I obtained an M.A. in creative writing from Tees-side University in 2010, and 'The New Rector', one of my short stories, came third in the 2013 Shildon Short Story competition. I have three children and four grandchildren ranging from 3 weeks to 25 years.

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Eight short stories exploring the complications of human relationships with each other and the outside world. A visit to an Art Gallery reveals the incompatibility of a young couple. The Lottery winner turns out to be more cunning than she looks. The past....
ISBN: 9781782995272
Published: 7 June 2013