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I was born in April 1950 so you could call me an ordinary Arian I suppose. I had an ordinary upbringing, living in an ordinary terraced house in Bedminster which is an ordinary suburb of Bristol. We had an outside toilet and our ‘bathroom’ was made of zinc and hung on a washing line cleat in the ordinary back yard. Schooling was pretty ordinary too. I went to St. Mary Redcliffe infants and junior mixed and then to St. Mary Redcliffe Secondary boys school. Which I may add, I was very happy to leave to start work at 15. I came away from school with no qualifications whatsoever, I simply didn’t like it, and that was that. Four days before my 16th birthday I started work at the Bristol Evening Post as an office junior in the circulation department. Although not directly involved with editorial, a great deal of the atmosphere of story telling rubbed off on me which stood me in good stead for my creative writing and drawing caricatures and cartoons of the people I worked with. Most people love to see themselves portrayed in a funny drawing. The firm must have seen something in me because at the tender age of 19 I became a ‘manager’. I carried this title with me in various roles in the Evening Post for the next 34 years until I was made redundant in 2003. I did some travelling and met my partner. I am now fully retired my most recent employment being a checkout operator at Tesco. I was married in 1971 and divorced in 2001. I have three children a boy and two girls and since I met the lady I am with today I have become a stepfather. Between them all they have made me a grandfather to 9 wonderful grandchildren all of whom I love and relish. Bristol was heavily bombed during the war and even though I was not born then I was brought up playing on bomb sites and burnt out houses that still littered the city when I was old enough to venture out on my own or with my mates. I shudder when I think of this now but us kids played rounders on a bomb site using a German incendiary bomb as a bat. No, we didn’t have a clue what it was until many years later when we were old enough to research such things. I love my writing although I have had no formal training whatsoever. I have had many articles published in newspapers and indeed I have won prizes for my letters. I just love sitting in front of my PC and the words just flow like water from a tap. The book ‘Run Mother To Be’ is a work of pure fantasy; I like to call it a fantasy thriller. My second foray into writing is A 'Song Of Autumn'. Both books are entirely from within me and are part of ordinary me so the books depict ordinary people in an extraordinary tales of events. The second book is not strictly a follow on from the first although at a reader's request I have brought in some characters from the first book. I was told one character in particular was very strong and need a further airing. I am currently writing a third novel but it is quite a departure from the first two and is pure fantasy. I really hope you enjoy my books.

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Courage can sometimes exact a deadly price. Ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances can display bravery of epic proportions. Sometimes the rescue of others faced with certain death means a dreadful payment is sought. Sometimes those who s....
ISBN: 9781788760706
Published: 12 October 2017
Becca is in her early twenties and is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She is married to Mark Ward a machine operator in a local chocolate factory. Becca works in nearby Bristol in an insurance office. They are struggling to pay the mortgage on their thr....
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