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I am the author of the all drag queen and gay men Divas Trilogy. Danger... Deceit... Revenge... Plot twists... Drama, and so much more. The reading order is as follows: Book 1 The Queen of Deadly Divas / Book 2 The Queen of Broken Hearts / Book 3 The Queen of Devastation. Each books follows on from the previous one; primarily, with the same bank of characters. Available in paperback from, online book retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and also Amazon Kindle.

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At the other end of town, a new drag queen cabaret bar has opened. Filled with beautiful gay men, special guest stars, and drag queens galore, the place is heaving from corner to corset.But when the past comes haunting, when a stranger sits and waits, and....
ISBN: 9781803029849
Published: 6 December 2023
Fresh to the gay scene, Oliver Edwards arrives in town searching for a new life. Perhaps here in this dazzling new place he will find himself, his happiness, maybe even love. But behind every shining light is energy powerful enough to kill; behind every c....
ISBN: 9781803029344
Published: 27 September 2023
As old scores remain unsettled and evil walks amongst them, can broken hearts begin to heal, can the weak ones find their strength, and can the Queen of Devastation be repelled?In the depths of winter torment, as the shortest day approaches and darkness r....
ISBN: 9781835971307
Published: 8 April 2024